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Check out one of UAPL’s newest resources, AtoZdatabases. Here are some examples of what you can do with AtoZ: AtoZdatabases logo

  • Find People: Get directory information for a resident in the US, or create mailing lists for things like reunions, block parties, or Christmas cards.
  • Look for a Job: Search for employment opportunities, create lists of businesses that satisfy a criteria, learn about a business before an interview, and more.
  • Do research for your own business: Create mailing lists, find sales leads, perform market research, investigate competition, and more.
  • Locate a doctor or dentist: Find health professionals by specialty, location, state of license and more.

Try it today, then let us know what you think by taking our short survey.

For those of you who use ReferenceUSA, UAPL’s other directory and business resource, click here the find out some of the advantages of AtoZdatabases, and to get the opportunity to express your opinion on our new resource. 


Reference eBooks

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Did you know you don’t always have to go to the library to look up reliable and authoritative information in reference books?

Whether you are working on a school project or research paper, have a bet with a friend over a fact, or just want to satisfy your curiosity about a topic, UAPL card holders can get online access to  a variety of encyclopedia titles covering science, history, business, medicine, culture and much more. You can even use your mobile device when you’re on the go!

An example of just a few titles that are available include:

See a full list of all the reference eBook titles by going to  Gale Virtual Reference Library,  or download the Access My Library app ( iOS | Android) on your mobile device, and choose UAPL as your local library. You can also access individual eBooks through the UAPL Databases page.

Disasters and Tragic Events Book Cover

Encyclopedia of Everyday Law Book Cover

St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture Book Cover





Provides directory information on businesses, households, and healthcare professionals in the United States. Includes a job search, detailed maps, business email addresses, and much more. This database has many of the same functions as ReferenceUSA, our other directory database. Try them both, then help us decide which one is better by taking a short survey.

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One of the many benefits of your Upper Arlington Public Library card is having the ability to access the full Consumer Reports website free of charge. Get all the ratings, reviews and buying guides of appliances, electronics and other products you expect from the magazine, plus more exclusive content.

Can’t decide between several different brands? Use the Compare tool to get more details about each one. When you know what you want, use the Shop link to find where the product is available online. Try the Repair Cost Estimator to make sure you are getting a fair price for work done on your car. Watch videos to see product testing in action. You can do all this and much more with the easy-to-use, which is one of the most popular resources the library subscribes to, so don’t miss out!

And just in time to start getting ready for the holidays, you can join Reference Librarian Megan Sheeran Saturday, November 15, at 11 am for a demonstration of as well as UAPL's many other Consumer Resources, covering shopping, travel, home improvement, car repair and much more.

Price It! Antiques & Collectibles

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Treasure or junk? If you’ve ever wondered whether anyone would pay money for your stuff, or just wanted to know if your “valuables” are actually valuable, you should check out  Price It! Antiques and Collectibles.

Using data from ebay, GoAntiques, TIAS and select Auction Houses, Price It! compiles pricing information on any kind of collectible you can think of, from toys and sports memorabilia to liquor bottles and cookie jars. Full of images, descriptions, and prices, just browsing this database is fascinating.

If you are a more serious collector, not only can you find descriptions and recent selling prices of items, there are also articles on repair, restoration and conservation of antiques.

Try it today. You can find it grouped with our other Consumer-related resources on the UAPL Database page.

Chilton Auto Repair Manuals

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ChiltonLibrary LogoTired of paying a mechanic for simple car repairs? Try tackling them yourself! Chilton Auto Repair Manuals are known for being a trusted and authoritative source for car repair, but you don’t have hunt down the book for your specific car model at the library, and then worry about damaging it while you work. is available any time of day online to UAPL patrons. Easy to use and frequently updated, this database contains repair and recall information, technical service bulletins, drawings, photographs and diagrams from an extensive list of domestic and imported vehicles.

Access My Library LogoNow you can access the car repair instructions you need on your mobile device. Just download the Access My Library app ( iOs or Android) from Gale and choose Upper Arlington Public Library as your location. Find in the database list and get started!

Click here for a full list of UAPL's consumer-related database subscriptions.

Auto Repair Reference Center

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Concerned about that noise your car is making? The Auto Repair Reference Center has repair information, maintenance intervals, diagrams, technical service bulletins and recall information on more than 37,000 vehicles.  

Even if you don’t feel up to fixing your car yourself, you can still use the ARRC to watch videos about how different automobile components work, and to learn how to properly care for your car with care and repair tips in the guide to vehicle ownership. If you need to know what you should look for when replacing or upgrading different components in your car, the ARRC also has a helpful troubleshooting guide on what you should consider.  

See our Consumer Resources to learn more about home and car maintenance and repairs. There is also information to compare the benefits of different cities, suburbs, hospitals and banks.

Home Improvement Reference Center

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Get started on your DIY weekend project with the Home Improvement Reference Center!

Whether you're interested in repairing or redoing your plumbing, woodworking, landscaping or decorating, you can find step-by-step instructions at the HIRC. You can also search magazine articles and reference materials for further information on your project.

HIRC has how-to videos, conversion charts, a guide to working with contractors and a homeowners journal you can fill in to track important household information. Whether you want information on how to re-wallpaper your living room or how to add a new light switch in your kitchen, the HIRC is the place to go.

For further information on DIY repairs, check out all of UAPL's Consumer Resources.

Small Engine Repair Reference Center

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Small Engine Repair Reference Center Database LogoKeep your snow blower in working condition this winter, or take some time to make sure the lawn mower is in tip-top condition for when the weather warms up!  The Small Engine Repair Reference Center provides maintenance and service guides for thousands of models of snow blowers, lawn mowers, generators, tractors and other power equipment. 

The SERRC also has guides to engines for ATVs, boats, personal water crafts, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other small motors. Learn how to repair and maintain all of these engines with the full set of Clymer’s manuals.  

For car repair, see the  Auto Repair Reference Center.

Check out all of UAPL's Consumer Resources, as well as our Consumer Education Research Guide for more information on what to look for before you buy, and how to repair, maintain and improve your purchases and investments.


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