Super Power Saturdays - Teen NonFiction Flies!

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We are in our last month of Super Power Saturdays, everyone. So far we have explored all kinds of super powers in teen fiction and teen graphic novels. We have looked at super powers in fiction in Teen Super Powers, other types of powers including magic and even time travel in Teen Powers Abound: All Kinds of Powers, and super powers in graphic novels in Teen Graphic Novels: We Started It All!. Now it is time to turn our super charged eyes to nonfiction because superheroes, everyday heroes, powers of all kinds, and even comics and graphic novels permeate nonfiction lifting it up and giving it super strength! Adventure definitely awaits in nonfiction. So, for a masked adventure check these out:

For a sneak peek at Breakthrough: How One Teen Innovator is Changing the World by Jack Andraka check out the video below. Breakthrough is a memoir written by a teen who is not only an innovator in science, having created an early detection system for several types of cancers (WOW!), but a hero in his own right, standing up for himself, overcoming challenges and obstacles, and helping to pave the way for other teens to reach for their dreams and be who they are to the fullest. For more about Jack, his book, and his work check out his website Jack Andraka: “Make Something Cool…And Change the World”

For a list of these and other nonfiction reads see our Teen NonFiciton Flies! book list in our catalog.

And don’t miss our last blog post in the Super Power Saturdays series coming July 25th. We will look at how to create your own stories and characters in Draw Me! Write Me!

Happy “Super Powered” Reading!