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Are you ready for some football? The season is underway, so check out the following resources to help you cheer on your favorite teams this year.

Local and National Teams:

  • Golden Bear Football - Support the talented and driven students on Upper Arlington High School's football team at Marv Moorehead Stadium!
  • Ohio State Buckeyes - Meet the players and find out about upcoming games from the official site of OSU Football.
  • NFL - Keep up with your favorite professional team, and maybe even plan a trip to see them play, with the NFL’s site.

​​Other Websites:

  • Tailgating Recipes - With recipes for wings, guacamole, meatballs, salsas, chili, salads and much, much more, The Food Network is an inexhaustible source of ideas for your soon-to-be famous tailgating recipes.
  • 97.1 The Fan - Don't miss a moment of the action with Columbus' most popular sports radio station.
  • History of American Football - The first official American football game took place between Princeton and Rutgers in 1859, but it was a very different game from what it is today, as the rules evolved over the next 50 years. Impress your friends with your knowledge of the sport's history by reading this article from Daily Life Through History, one of UAPL's Premium Resources (note: you will need your library card to access this article).


Check out UAPL's exciting collection of football books by clicking on the subject that interests you: